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No Room at the Inn

I told Cooper last night, after we had done our now fairly regular drive-by of potential daycares, that there's no room at the inn. He smiled up at me from his car seat almost as if he wanted to say, "Well just stay home with me mommy!" I wish.
Maybe my expectations are too high but after doing our online research to find centers and home for daycare, making dozens of calls to first see if they had an infant opening and then, if they do, could we come visit them and start the next week we have found ourselves less then impressed by nearly all of our options. It seems the "good" ones are either too far away, full or just out of our price range. The ones that have openings are well...just not good enough.
I'm happy for our friend who was taking care of Cooper. She is going back to her full time office job, but selfishly I wish she weren't. We knew we had a great thing going, which makes this even more of a challenge. Between growing up with my parents dayca…

A Sneek Peek

Almost a year has come and past since we first met this little guy named Cooper. Recently we had a fun photo shoot with our friends at Scott Haraldson Photography. Here's one of the favorites...