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MOUSE! Just one of the many highlights of our time in (sunny, humid, sticky, hot, wonderful) Orlando last week. We started our adventure flying our of Minneapolis Wednesday evening. Cooper did so well on the plane. We read books, had snacks, played with stickers and enjoyed the people around us. We arrive in Florida, got our luggage; which included carseat, stroller, diaper bag, Kevin's backpack, one large piece of luggage and two big carry-ons, and headed for our rental car. After navigating our way through the airport and the tram we were on our way to the hotel.
We finally got into our room and ready for bed around midnight on Wednesday. Although sleeping arrangements were less than ideal for any of us - Cooper had a hard time falling to sleep with us in the room, more on that later. We eventually all fell asleep, ready for the day ahead.
Thursday we decided to stay close to the hotel and see what was near us. We headed out to pick up snacks, milk and juice for Cooper and to see …

Catching Up

Summer is flying by! It is hard to believe I am nearly 6 months pregnant (Monday will mark the official day).  We had the anatomy ultrasound a a few weeks ago. This baby is not as camera friendly as Cooper was. It is had to distinguish what is what, but we did see that baby is healthy and very active! It was also nice to hear that while we didn't want to know gender, my doctor won't know either until baby is born. Even if we had wanted to find out, the baby was not going to show us.
This pregnancy has been so different than with Cooper. Cooper's personality matches how I felt while pregnant with him; happy, content, laid back. This pregnancy, so far, has had me feeling pretty sick the first 4 1/2 months. I'm wondering if we have a little spit fire on our hands this time? :) Another thing I am very curious to learn is what features this baby will have. Last time, I thought if we had a boy he would look just like Kevin- dark eyes, dark hair (yes, at one time Kevin did have…