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Beauty Queen to BoyMom

I remember very vividly walking through the Pamida parking lot near my hometown, talking to my mom in the way only a 5 year old girl can, “When I grow up and I’m a mom I’m only going to have girls.” My mom (also the mother of two little boys) smiled and said “little boys are really nice too you know.” But I was certain I would have two or three little girls just like me; in love with sparkles and the color pink,  attending dance classes and girl scout meetings, searching the aisles for the newest Barbie and someday maybe even competing in pageants like I did. 
Fast forward twenty some years to the birth of my husband and my first child, a healthy, red headed, nearly 9lb BOY. 
Jump ahead another two years to when we would meet our second child, a healthy, red headed, nearly 9lb BOY. Are you seeing a pattern here...? Another three years later we found ourselves in the delivery room where my husband would once again look over at me to announce the gender of our third child.
Any guesse…

Living Like...

This morning on Instagram one of my favorite bloggers posted the cutest, most comfortable (assumingly), kid chasing dress. I clicked the link to see where to buy and .... then my happiness was shattered. $88 for a cotton dress. Feeling slightly deflated I did a quick search for similar dresses. Much to my delight I found it's twin for a third the price of the original. Which lead me to an idea...much of what said favorite blogger posts is just not in my price point. On occasion, she will post a Target or Old Navy outfit, maybe a few home items from Marshalls... but I want a DEAL!  So, what's a girl to do? Since it seems I am finding little inspiration writing about "real life" I might as well find and share fantastic deals on items that are just out of reach.
Here we go.... by the way, if you have your eye on something and haven't pushed the purchase button because of the price tag- send it to me and I'll see what I can find!

One more for my friend Mindi...