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Hot Moms

Hello! It's been nearly two months since my last post and the only thing I can blame that on is myself! The "free" time I've been finding has been filled with work for the local pageant I co-direct ( and now birthday prep for Cooper. BUT reading an article that peaked my interest, I wanted to write a little something myself about the topic.
Maria Kang is "just" another mom who works as a business owner, is a wife raising three young boys and likes to give herself, and really her family, something by working out and leading a healthy lifestyle. I first saw Maria's now very viral photo about a year ago in a fitness article about moms getting their post-baby bodies back. I really didn't bat an eyelash because I am interested in fitness and read SO many of these incredible stories. For one reason or another, a year after first posting this photo it is now generating alot of interest and bringing out the good and the ugl…