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Over a month!

It has been over a month since my last update so let's just do some bulleted points on what's been going on...

* We celebrated Christmas in Lake Park where Cooper got to meet Santa up close and in person. As Santa's firetruck neared my dad's house Cooper's arms stared to fly! He could hardly believe his eyes as the larger than life fire truck pulled in front of the house and Santa Claus hopped down to meet him. The next morning, after Santa had left gifts under the tree, Cooper re-discovered the joy he had found at his birthday of opening gifts.

* We had visitors! Mindi and Scott came to celebrate the bitter cold of winter with us (or actually they came to go to the Vikings game, but still...) we made our way to the HoliDazzle Parade!

* Cooper is showing us more and more everyday that he is turning into a little boy and not so much a baby. With his adventurous ideas of scaling every piece of furniture in the house, including his crib, the couch, the chairs, the stai…