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Fast Metabolism Diet

Seven days ago I started following Haylie Pomroy's Fast Metabolism Diet guidelines. I became interested in it thanks to Landyn Hutchinson's Living with Landyn Facebook page and after reading about it on my own, was interested in how it could benefit be nutritionally, not so much in losing weight.
I first bought the app for my phone to help me choose foods and have the information literally in my hand at all times. If you are interested in this program and have a smart phone, I would highly recommend the app.
I tried this for the first time in September but was way overwhelmed by the food to buy, when to eat, how much, etc so it didn't last. This time I made my meal maps (basically inputting what I would eat for each meal that week) and headed to the grocery store. For me, I was able to choose all foods my family already eats.
The week is broken into three phases, Phase 1 is the first two days. This part is great, whole grains, fruit- no problem.
Phase 2 is the next two- HA…