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Girl Next Door

My second year of college was not going to be what I had imagined. Come to think of it, my first year wasn't really what I had imagined either, but that's another post. The school I was attending had a "rule" which I saw more as a guideline, that first and second year students needed to live on campus. Entering my first year of college I was assigned to an all girls dorm and matched to live with a girl from Fairbault, MN (Which, by the way is pronounced FAIR BOW... I was reminded a time or two). By the end of the first few weeks I had met a small handful of friends and before Christmas break we had talked about plans to room together that next year.

Christmas break came and past and upon my return from home, was informed that I would need to find a new second year roommate. Well crap. I didn't have enough friends on campus to find a new on-campus living arrangement. I ended the year sweating the situation and picturing myself commuting from my parents home everyd…

KARE 11, Are You Hiring?

A few months ago my husband and I had some rare one on one conversation time as we traveled to a friend's wedding in St. Cloud. During the car ride topics bounced from the boys to whatever was on the radio, back to the boys, to an upcoming trip he would be taking for work, back to the boys and so on. My husband has been with the same company since graduating college, a rare feat these days I think considering that some of our friends have been with a handful of different companies in that same time. He loves his career! It challenges him, it makes him think, it is rewarding and he has opportunities to grow in his profession. When on the topic of his trip, I mentioned how proud I was of him and kind of nervously laughed and said I was jealous of him and all he's done. He responded by asking if I wished I were still working outside the home. My knee jerk reaction was no! I love being at home with our boys, even though most days I feel like I may lose my mind either from sensory …