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28 weeks

It is hard to even imagine that a baby could be born and survive at this point. My older brother is proof I guess and that was 30 years ago. While I have no reason to believe our baby would follow suit, it is in the back of my mind that between now and when the baby is born anything can happen. Everything is going really well, I have my next doctor's appointment on Thursday to see how things are progressing.
We had our second baby class last night. We talked all about pain relief and relaxation techniques. I remind myself that while I have one thing in mind, when I am actually in labor who knows what will happen. We have our birthing "preferences" pretty well set right now, I'm still researching vaccines and the options we have there in regards to what we do and do not want the baby to have right away.
This weekend my friend Barb is hosting a baby shower for us at her home. I am very excited for this, mainly because I love getting together with people and love telling …

Anniversary Treats


Anniversary Day

Today Kevin and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary.
Here are a few of our favorite pictures from such a perfect day.

27 Weeks

It was pointed out to me that I hadn't blogged in "an entire week!" I think the problem is that I have so much to write about that I don't know where to start so here it goes...

Last weekend I got to spend extra time with my dad and Angelica which was really nice. It was the end of Water Carnival in Detroit Lakes so there was much to do. We made it to a few of the weekend's highlights- the chili and salsa cook off (where my friend Aaron had the best chili by far), the car show and the blow up bouncing toys. (I have a video of Angelica on these but can't figure out how to get it from my phone to the blog yet....) We also danced on the beach as the band at the pavilion played, had personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hut and saw the movie Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It was a really nice weekend- always too short though.

We started our Birthing/Parenting classes last night. I made dinner before hand so Kevin could rush home, eat and then we could leave. There are 11 or…

We have a crib!!

Our crib arrived nearly nearly weeks earlier that we expected! In no time at all we had the pieces out and were assembling the baby's bed. This is the first piece of furniture Baby V has in its room - we need to find a dresser, bookcase and rocker yet but haven't found what we are looking for. We are hoping now that we have the crib we will be able to find the other pieces in matching or close wood finish. It is so so exciting to have the crib set up in the baby's room (which if you can tell by the pictures is still the office). I just can't wait to move the office out and have the entire room dedicated to the little one.

Hard Feelings

Not pregnancy related but its been on my mind for a few weeks.

I received an email from one of our Miss MN contestants shortly after pageant week had concluded and we had crowned our new winner. This contestant had done very well! In fact I think she surprised herself at some of her accomplishments from the competition. What I don't think she did was invest anything else in the week.

What I mean is- I think she was there for one thing- to win. Now, I understand, as a former contestant, what the ultimate goal is- you want to walk away as Miss Minnesota. What is often over looked are the handfuls of opportunities to get even MORE from the experience that "just" that. Its unrealistic to believe that its that simple- to win just because you are the best. Because you have a better talent, better interview, better wardrobe- when it comes down to it, it does not matter who wants it more, it matters who the judges choose. Hopefully, the judges do choose the girl who has the whole …

Week 25

We ordered the crib last night! The expected delivery is in about two weeks, which means we need to get the office cleaned out and start the nursery. Although we won't be painting until next winter once we know if baby would prefer blue or pink but we will be making the room welcome for a little one. The crib we finally decided on: This week baby is about 2.2 pounds and the size of an eggplant. No wonder my stomach is moving all over the place. :) I am getting better at finding a comfortable position to sleep in. I tried the pillow between the knees thing and that worked for awhile but I can never keep it there all night. I have found that for me, one side or the other works just fine. Not sure it all my adjusting is letting Kevin get a peaceful nights sleep though. So- the general consensus from the friends, family and strangers is that I must be having a boy. While everyone has a different reason or wives tale why they believe this the majority say that I am carrying "low&q…

4th of July weekend

This 4th of July weekend Kevin and I headed to Lake Park to see my family and to attend my good friend Vanessa's wedding. We were able to get out on the lake a few times, including watching fireworks out on the lake (thanks to my aunt and uncle Tom & Sue- thank you!!) THAT is the way to see fireworks- right beneath them. We also headed out Sunday to enjoy the beautiful day on the lake. We packed lunches, drinks and hit the water.
The weekend was way too short- she kept saying how much we wished Sunday was only Saturday so we could stay out longer. But of course we needed to come back to reality- which really meant sitting in traffic. Kevin and I decided that rather than sit in one spot we would take the closest exit and find out way home that way. And I'm so glad we did! Along our way we found a great Mexican restaurant- RanchoGrande. We had a delicious meal and got back on our way. We finally made it home, unpacked and collapsed! Ready to start another week.
Congrats to V…

Miss Minnesota Recap

After spending a week "away" I thought I could at least post some pictures from Miss Minnesota week. Thank you to our official photographer Paula Preston for these images.Our Top 5: Miss South Central Natalie Davis, Miss West Metro Kathryn Knutilla, Miss MN 2009 Brooke Kilgarriff, Miss Capital City Sara Larson and Miss Waseca County Sleigh & Cutter Sarah Anderson.
Waiting for the annoucement of Miss Minnesota 2009.

All of the 2009 contestants at our tour of the state capital.

The stat board and our new Miss Minnesota

Brooke performing during the talent compeition

Former Miss Minnesotas

Happy Birthday Dad!

This past weekend we threw a surprise 60th birthday for my dad. Our plan to get him to the party was to tell him it was my friend Mindi's dad's (Roger) surprise birthday. (they went to high school together) then I'd suggest we just swing by to wish him happy birthday. Mindi and I thought this plan was genius. Little did we know...our dads' class were pretty close and even the guys knew each others birthdays! Too bad for us, Roger's birthday isn't until September. So he wasn't completely surprised but I think he still had a nice birthday celebrating with friends and family. Thank you everyone for being part of the night- if anyone has photos please send them to me- I of course did not have my camera!
The three cousins all turn 60 this year!