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Welcome Back!

A fresh start always feels good. Wiping the slate clean and starting the day with what feels like endless capabilities and possibilities. When I started the blog I wanted an outlet to write what was on my mind. After a handful of blogs it became apparent to me that I let my insecurities hold me back from really doing anything here. I would put more thought into what others would think about what I wrote or writing about what others would find interesting to read instead of building a blog based on what I wanted.
I have also found that I much prefer a "live" platform. I would much rather be speaking all of this than pecking at my keyboard. Because while, as my husband will remind me, I do have a degree in English Literature, that doesn't mean I'm much of a great writer.
I plan to revamp this site and clean it up to let more of what I want take over. The past several months I've turned off much of the "real world" and turned in to my world instead. The wor…