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6 Months

  We recently took Parker to his 6 month well check. We were quite curious where his growth (particularly his weight) fell on the chart in comparison to other babies. Parker is 25.5lbs and ___" tall. I need to go back and check his height- I'll fill in later. To give you an idea of how big Parker is compared to big brother Cooper - Cooper was 21lbs at his 6 month well check! On a small body, those four and a half pounds don't have many places to go!
Parker loves to eat - As if you couldn't tell from his weight. He will eat two containers of stage 2 baby food and not long after want to also have a bottle. I guess he needs something to wash it all down?
Parker is L-O-U-D! When he is happy, hungry, sad, excited, scared....he yells/screams. Note I didn't include the word cries, he rarely cries. Much like his cousin Alexander, he is just a loud kid who either likes the sound or the feeling of his voice!
Parker is a cuddler - Watch out if you are holding this lit…