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So does this mean we are ready to be parents?

Last night marked our final night of Birth and Parenting Preparation class. To be honest, by the end we were ready to be done- we enjoyed the other couples, the educator, the information, but just feel that a lot of our learning is going to need to come first hand.
32 seems like they have gone by so quickly but then I think back to the day I found out we were going to have a baby- that night walking to the Wild game and Kevin finding a pacifier in his pocket. :) Wondering when I was going to start looking like I was pregnant and not just as if I'd been indulging in donuts and chocolates. The first ultrasound, the first time we saw our baby bouncing around in there - it really is quite the miracle that in a few short weeks we will have this little person at home with us figuring each other out.
I go back for another routine appointment on Thursday- I wish they would tell me that we could have another ultrasound- it would be very interesting to take a peek at the baby now …

This and That

I've been neglecting the blog this week I guess. I suppose it is because not much has changed. I'm in the middle of week 31, the baby is an acrobat almost all of the time now- except when I am sleeping or perhaps I'm too tired to notice it then?
The baby's room is coming together. We now have the dresser in the room and are waiting our glider to arrive...again. We ordered one a few weeks ago and yesterday when Kevin went to pick it up- he noticed that it was damaged. So we returned it and placed out order again. We will have to wait a few more weeks now to get that.
Out baby classes are going well, only one left- I think Kevin and I will both be happy to be done. We have enjoyed them but are ready to be done and move on to the "real stuff" :).
This weekend we are headed to Lake Park for the Garden Quilt Show and Tea at my aunt's house Each year she hosts this fundraiser which benefits the Families Forever Scholarship given in …

30 weeks! Oh my...that means there are only 10 left!

Yep- potentially only 10 weeks left. I say potentially because who knows when this baby will decide today is the day. With the looks of our living room and nursery right now though you wouldthink we had much longer :). We have gifts everywhere. Tonight Kevin and his brother maybe picking up the dresser from the furniture store which means the office will then have to be moved downstairs and the baby's room can start to take shape. With all the gifts we have received it will be so nice to have places to start putting everything.
I go back to the doctor on Thursday for another check up- these appointments are so quick and easy! Walk in, weigh in, blood pressure, measure my stomach, listen to the heartbeat- doctor asks if I have any questions and away I go until next time.
Last night was our snack night at baby class. We brought veggies and chocolate chip cookies. Great combination. A pediatrician from Metro Pediatrics came and spoke to our group, lucky for us we already have a doctor …

Let it rain! Or should I say shower?

This weekend I was "showered" once again by friends and family, this time in Lake Park at my aunt Peggy's house. Peggy, my sister in law Delayne and good friend Mindi (aka party planner extraordinaire) planned such a fun day filled with food, gifts and many, many laughs.

Most of those laughs came from the games we played which included the game My Water Broke! Tiny plastic babies were frozen into ice cubes - the goal of the game was to see who would get their baby out first. My mother's cousin Linda was our winner- although she won by throwing her baby into her coffee! :) Linda was also announced as the next woman to get pregnant! You see- as I was opening gifts Mindi stopped me at gift number 7 and had me open an envelope which read- tradition says that the woman who gives the seventh gift will be the next to become pregnant! We all got a good laugh out of that prediction.

It is unbelievable the number of gifts that we received - I am quite surprised Kevin and I wer…

Week 29- A Squash!

Yep- there's a squash in my belly! :) Last week marked the start my every other week visits to the doctor to me measured, weighed and to listen to the baby's heartbeat. With only about 11 weeks or so left, it wont be long before I am visiting the doctor once a week!.
Last night at our birthing/parenting class we had a tour of the labor/delivery room and the postpartum rooms. Walking into the delivery room was very strange to me. To imagine being back in one of those rooms in only a few short months was very surreal to think about. Then on to the postpartum floor, which has been recently renovated. This floor smelled less like a hospital and more like new paint- which I preferred. Rumor has it that somewhere on that floor there is a snack room for the moms and dads who are welcoming a newborn...this room is high on our priority list of things to find/do before baby arrives. :)
As I have probably already mentioned, this weekend is a VERY exciting one. My aunt Peggy, sister in l…

Updated: We bought a dresser!

That's right- we finally decided on a dresser and night stand for the nursery. It is the one above, minus the mirror. Wednesday it will be in the baby's room - which for me makes everything seem so close! I don't know why the crib didn't give us the same response (maybe if there were a mattress and bedding in the crib it would be different.)

Our next search is for a glider. We have the style chosen, we just need to find out who will sell it to us at the price we want to pay.

This weekend we were also fortunate enough to have had a shower hosted for us by our very good friend Barb. It was a wonderful morning filled with a delicious brunch, cake, thoughtful gifts and fun conversation. We played a few fun games- one included me being measured with tulle. Barb also hosted a bridal shower for me before our wedding, she always makes these days so special for me.

The nursery is quickly filling up with tissue paper, boxes and baby supplies- it is amazing to me how many people we…