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This morning I posted a quick sentence about my morning run. I'll admit that I partially post about running because I went from dreading running, to running a mile and feeling like I climbed Mt Everest to now training for a half marathon and thinking nothing of starting my day by running 6 miles. The other reason I post is because I see alot of new moms who are frustrated with the new body that came along with their baby/babies and want to encourage them to have the confidence to become healthier.
I decided to blog about this Facebook post after a friend commented on my status saying, "I so admire you." Not only did that make my day, it reminded me that sometimes what we do can also impact or help others.
I know that being a mom of small children (two boys one almost 3 years and the other 9 months) means our "extra" or "mommy time" is limited. I also know that no one other than myself can change how I look or feel. Everyday we are given 24 hours…

Thinking about buying a piece of land

For some time, the past 6 years to be exact, I've been thinking about buying a piece of land near my childhood home. It's so near in fact that when you stand in the backyard at my dad's house, you can see it. It's location is both a curse and blessing. It's nice to be able to just look in that direction and see it over there as the sun sets- it can really be a  beautiful thing, but at the same time, it's always there and you can't get away from it.
Let me back up...when my mom died and we needed to choose a place for burial my dad made a point to let me know that the plots next to her were also available. I've thought about it since then and wonder if that's the "right" place. There's something about knowing where I'll be that is comforting. Even typing that is strange...this is where I become a trippie dippie hippie....BUT even though I don't think I will "know" that I'm there, the idea that our family will be t…