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Road Trips with the Kids

Since forever, truly forever, my husband and I have made the four hour drive between Minneapolis and the northwestern part of the state to either see each other or family. In college it was to Moorhead while I finished school and now we pack our two redheads in the minivan to head to my dad's house. So with those two little, highly active, boys (plus one more little person on the way) it has become important for us to strategically pack our minivan with the tools to survive the drive. Since the says of traveling with a baby or toddler who will nap for an hour or more we need to fill our time wisely. This list not only helps the boys have an enjoyable ride, it prevents us parents from pulling our hair out.

Snacks: I pre-pack nearly every snack into two small containers, one for each child. This way at the request of a snack, I can grab a container and simply hand it back.
Snacks that I have found work well to travel with include: apples, bananas, grapes, small oranges, fish cracker…

2015 To Do List

My friend Mindi recently blogged about the upcoming year and all of its possibilities.  While I hadn't physically written any of my own goals for this new year, there were things that I had been wanting to tackle and accomplish once the baby arrived in June. After reading Mindi's post I realized that the best way to get to where I want to be, I need to have an actual goal set. I know this list will grow as the year continues but for now here is my personal to do list for 2015:

* Learn to Ski (again)
*"Master" Crow pose and chaturanga (Amber Gort Husevold)
*Blog every two weeks

Skiing- I once was fairly comfortable on a pair of skis, but this was almost 15 years ago and my last memory of it was me eating a face full of snow and flip flopping down the hill. As I laid in the middle of the ski hill, I decided that had been my last run at it for awhile, I never imagined it would take so long to want to try it again. This time I would like to really learn the right way to ski …

So we're having another baby...

A thing my husband and I (kind of) thought wasn't in the cards for us. But here we are, nearly the half way point in this pregnancy with our third child! With the boys' pregnancies I would often say how easy and wonderful being pregnant was. How I really didn't feel much different; no "real" morning sickness, heartburn was under control, I gained weight (nearly 50lbs each time) but that didn't bother me.

Oh how things have changed!

From right around week 5 I have felt like I am on the verge of throwing up. I have no appetite and then suddenly when I am a ravenous monster I eat something and it makes my stomach ache. The heartburn is out of control. I am MOODY (my poor husband) and I have already dug out the undergarments that I usually saved for the very end of the 40 weeks. Think Dolly Parton or at least for me and what I used to.

Now of course I am overjoyed that we have a healthy third baby on the way, but that doesn't change that I have been a mess fo…