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Birthday WEEK!

Friday morning at about 1:45a.m. will mark one year since I awoke to what I thought was a typical middle of the night, interrupt my restful sleep to run to the bathroom episodes. Instead I got out of bed to find my water had broke. That day we would be meeting our perfect "little" baby. I am so very thankful Kevin took notes during our day at the hospital leading up to Cooper being born. It is a blur to me. I go back and forth between feeling like Cooper has always been apart of our life to feeling as if we've blinked our eyes and suddenly we have a one year old boy who is full of giggles, smiles, funny faces, tricks, mischief, hugs and curiosity.

Things that have surprised us:

His RED hair :) Although we never expected to have a red headed baby we can't imagine him any other way.

His blue eyes - I always thought that if we had a little boy he would have Kevin's brown eyes. Instead he has my blue eyes and very fair skin.
His personality - no matter where we go with …

Your Attention Please

It has been brought to my attention that people actually read this thing.


I didn't say A LOT of people, I just said people.

Which puts the pressure on to write something of substance or something worth reading. As a freelance writer I am given assignments with topics to write about. As a blogger I have the freedom to write about whatever I choose and that just gives me too many choices. It is like walking into DSW and trying to find one pair of shoes (as one of my co-workers pointed out the other day). With too many choices you end leaving without new shoes or in this case without new postings.

So to those funny people who take the time to read this, I'm open to suggestion. What should I blog about?

It's Been Awhile

I haven't blogged in awhile. We've been busy enjoying the great fall weather and getting ready for Cooper's BIG birthday party! More details to come...