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Does this mean summer is here?


Guess What?

Christmas is coming early to the Vranicar house this year.

Almost a month!

I have to admit- I get behind on this. It feels like I blog, we get busy with everything and then I realize I should update.


Volleyball has once again started at Lord Fletcher's. Team Rina Dillard :) is back in action with new teammate John Shonka. It's nice to be outside and active again! We plan to bring home the trophy again this year.

Fargo 10k- the 10k run is this Saturday in Fargo. Mindi and I will be running again this year. I will also be walking the 5k the night before with my sister and aunts. Hoping the weatherman is wrong and that there won't be rain- at least not on Friday. I don't mind the rain when I run, i hope to push Cooper in the stroller for the 5k and with rain that can't happen.

Cooper is still the best little boy in the world.

Kevin made it back in one piece from his annual golfing trip to Okoboji, Iowa. He came back wind burned and tired. Par for the course I

And...if you are reading the blog post as a note in Facebook.. yo…