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Time to go to sleep little one

It seems baby has Kevin's night owl syndrome. :) Or perhaps baby thinks that when I lay down at night I should actually still be moving around making noise. Apparently that is what is preferred for the little one. We were pretty entertained the other night watching my stomach move this way and that. It doesn't prevent me from getting sleep (trying to get comfortable does that) I really love the feeling of the baby twisting, turning, kicking and punching. I joked with Angelica that the baby must be playing Wii in there.
Today marks month 6. Thinking back to the night walking to the Wild game when i told Kevin we were going to be having a baby, it seems like it has gone by so quickly. I really cannot believe that in 16 short weeks (give or take a few) we will have a brand new little person at home with us. It is such an amazing and exciting time.

"POP" goes the Papaya!

Yep- I am now at the point where it would be hard to not tell that I am pregnant. The little papaya is getting bigger and stronger everyday- I am happy that so far most of the kicking is done while I am awake. :) I am anticipating some serious growth now- I've read that the baby's weight will double in the next four weeks. Which would still only make baby a little over 4 pounds.
Tonight we are going to go a few more places to look at nursery furniture. We need to decide on a crib- the one that we thought we wanted....we no longer do. We also need to go and check out a few daycare centers. Our neighbors generously offered the info they have on their experience in selecting a center which was very helpful. (Although we are still quite amazed at the price of childcare- especially knowing what providers charge "up north")
Many things on our to do list and we are enjoying doing them. Hard to image I am nearly 6 months now- soon we will be counting the days!


Last week I woke up every morning feeling as if I can grown a size or two over night! It is fun to finally feel like people can tell I am pregnant. Plus the baby is getting stronger and stronger. During last weekend's Miss Minnesota pageant the baby seemed to enjoy the loud music that played as the girls did their talents. Several of my friends have joked that the baby must be a girl and she is practicing her talent too.

I am back at work today, tired and happy to be back to my normal schedule but glad that last week went so great. We have a new Miss Minnesota- Brooke Kilgarriff- she is going to be a wonderful representative this year.

Need to play catch up a little today- tomorrow marks 23 weeks...more then. :)

What a week it will be!

Later this morning myself, the rest of the state board and 17 of Minnesota's most talented, intelligent and ambitious young women will start Miss Minnesota week 2009. (I do realize that that sentence sounds canned and well...fake, but believe it or not...check out their info at the beautiful showcaswe site that our lovely Nicole Sutterfield put together this year!

Check in will start today at 1pm when the Quality of Life Finalists come to the Holiday Inn Select for their interviews. This interview and award do not have an affect on the overall outcome. It is a separate scholarship which the "girls" (which they are fondly referred to) submitted an essay on their community service work with their personal platform. Platforms range anywhere from Financial Smarts, Music Education, Diabetes Awareness, Mentoring, Volunteering, Getting out the Vote, you name it. In the year 2000 alone local and state contestants donated nearly 600,000 volunteer hours. To top that off each contes…

I'm sick

Yes, a nasty cold has taken over my body. It's just a cold, but the way that I am coughing, sneezing and "watering" all over the place I am sitting at home trying to get as much work done as possible. I'm thankful that I can work from home on days like these so my co-workers aren't exposed to this and so I can let my eyes water, my nose turn red and just feel like I'm falling apart without getting pitiful looks! :)
Hoping tomorrow I feel better!
Week 21 is a banana! This makes conplete sense to me, all day it feels like I've got a little monkey in there bouncing around!

More later.... next week is Miss MN week- which means alot needs to get done before then. :)

2 Arms...Check! 2 Legs...Check! Cute little face looking at us...Check!

Yesterday Kevin and I got to really see our baby. This was a very fun appointment, being to spend so much time looking at the baby, watching it wave its arms and kicks its legs.
Baby is measuring two days ahead in almost every category but its head, which is measuring four days ahead. The doctor claims our baby must have alot of brains. :)
The pictures that we were able to capture don't do justice to how clear we could see everything. I really don't think we will be getting to see baby again now until their birthday this fall. But then again, who would have thought I would have so many ultrasounds in the first place!
Me on the other hand, I asked the doctor about my weight gain. (I really didn't gain anything the first four months) this time however I sure did! haha She assured me every month would not be like this and that I am measuring right where I should be. Maybe the fact that I tried to squeeze into a few cocktail dresses for Miss Mn week and didn't even come clos…

Can't Believe It's a Cantaloupe!

20 weeks marks the half way point. It doesn't feel like five months ago that Kevin and I found out that we were going to be parents. Time is really racing by and each day we get more and more excited about welcoming this little person into our life.

The day after tomorrow we go to see our little one again, we are both going to be pretty cognoscente to remind the doctor of our desire NOT to know the sex of the baby. I'm assuming, unless it is quite obvious, we won't really know what we are looking at unless we are told.
The books and online sites I have been reading say that I will soon "be as hungry as a trucker". :) And that the weight gain has only just begun. Thankfully I have been picking up several pieces of clothing here and there. I am finding that my bella band once did the trick but soon even that will come to an end. The space between my zipper is getting wider and wider and I can tell that the baby is getting bigger and bigger. The kicks, flips and turns…

Getting Busy

After a truly beautiful weekend with my family I headed back to the concrete jungle to start the month of June. It will kick off a VERY busy summer for Kevin and I. Weddings, showers, weddings and more showers on top of the annual visits to Breezy Point and Park Rapids, the state fair, and the Quilt Show we will be putting many miles on the car. I keep reminding myself how easy it is for us to jump in the car at a moment's notice.
Yesterday I received a handful of mixed news and announcements. First- my generous and thoughtful aunt offered to come stay with us this fall after baby is born, a priceless gift. Next, my dear friend asked Kevin and I to be the guest book "watchers/make sure people know where they are going" couple. We are very excited about our new responsibilities :) This same friend also revealed to me that she has skin cancer. (This two days before I too go to the dermatologist to have some "I'm sure they are fine but you better have them checked o…