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Cooper! Cooper!

Every time we visit Cooper's pediatrician, he walks into our room chanting an almost as if Cooper is a football star rather than a "little" boy. "Cooper! Cooper! Cooper!" (Dr. LeFevre also told Cooper that his mommy and daddy grow big babies in their house.)

6 months:



Both keep him in the 97% for height and weight. As soon as he can gt this crawling thing mastered I think his weight will slow down. Although lately he's been insisting he have 12oz as his late afternoon meal rather than the typical 8oz. I asked Kevin to remind me to have this much enthusiasm if someday we have a girl and she is as "successful" with her size. A past episode of Oprah came to mind that day we sat in the clinic. Two professional women's volleyball players were on the show talking about beauty. Both of the woman were well over 6 feet tall, plus drop dead gorgeous. One told the story of how almost every week her father would have her stand next to the…

Get moving!

Here I go again with the Kate stuff. I couldn't help but jump on the treadmill for an extra couple miles after seeing this.

Get It Together

Being organized is something that I had always prided myself on. Before Cooper I really did think that I had my stuff together. NOW, since becoming a mom, I find myself making lists in my head, planning out our next move strategically. Laying out outfits, meals, walks, our trip to Target- everything! After our episode at the clinic awhile back (I somehow managed to get to the clinic without so much as a single diaper) I just flipped a stitch! NOW instead of laxidazily packing up my suitcase and his diaper bag, I imagine any possible scenario and plan accordingly. AND I LOVE IT! It is such a great feeling to know that no matter what, we're covered. Because really, if all else fails, I also have a credit card and husband to cover anything I may forget.

For those who have not heard the story of the clinic incident...
Cooper had a cough which we all ("all" as in Kevin, me and Brianne- whom watches Cooper) decided he should be seen my the pediatrician. I rushed from the office …

I Just Want You To Know

My husband thinks it is sickening but....I really like Kate Gosselin. I have from the time I first watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 - yes even when she would yell at Jon and get short with the kids. Instead of seeing a nagging, over bearing wife and mom I saw a woman who was overworked, exhausted and really doing her best to keep it together. Someone who also felt like unless she was totally in control, things would fall apart. Now more than ever (since her less than stellar husband flew the coop; seriously- have you seen his latest faux hawk that he is sporting??) I think she is really an inspiration. She works hard, just because it's an unconventional job doesn't mean it's not work, she loves her kids and she is providing for them as best as she can.
So when her latest book, I Just Want You To Know, was published I was quick to purchase and read it. Some have given the critism that it exposes her children, why would she need to have these letters published? Hey- I've had …


Stretching out his cute little neck.

Handsome little guy



Some pictures from Cooper's Baptism.