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I take things too personally.
I hang on to meaningless comments.
I am a people pleaser.
I worry about what people think of me.
I then externalize all of this when I get home on my poor husband.
I don't really have a stressful job. I enjoy what I do and who I work with.
I should just learn to keep my mouth shut and nod my head. Ever since yesterday late afternoon I have had this pit in my stomach about something at work. I talked to Kevin about it but its still there. Its not the task I'm being asked to do that bothers me- what bothers me is how the entire situation was handled. Sometimes I feel as if there are people in this company who look at me and others in my same position as uneducated hired help who are waiting at our desks for our next task.
I should back track....the majority of my work is not like this. For some reason I seem to be "nominated" for all open spots that need to be filled. I enjoy being busy, it drives me nuts when I'm not but assuming that becau…

Orange you glad there's a baby in there?

15 weeks!! It is hard to believe that we are nearly four months into this journey. Time is flying but Kevin and I both are still pretty calm about the enormous change that is coming this fall. Maybe the excitement is masking the nervousness of it all.

Yesterday I wrote that I had to break out the BellaBand, well today my pants fit so we're not to the point of no return yet. Being in my second trimester though I'm anticipating the weight to start adding up. On average women gain about a pound a week during this time. When I told that to Kevin he didn't seem to impressed. Then I gave him a visual- picture one pound of hamburger meat being added to your body every week. "Well when you put it that way." As of this morning I've lost a half pound putting me at a weight gain of 6.5 pounds in these (nearly) four months.

Baby is still teeny tiny:

About 4 inches long and about 2 1/2 ounces. But that isn't slowing the baby down! Apparently, even though I can't fee…

Spring is here....?

I made the journey to see my dad and sister again this weekend, I say again because I was there the weekend before this as well. It was my sister's final dance performance of the year and I knew if I wasn't there not only would I regret not having gone, but she would have wished I were there. It was a great performance! She is so much fun to watch, concentrating on getting the choreography right, the moment when she spotted us in the crowd and the big smile appeared across her face. Of course I did not bring my camera, so all of the pictures and video are on my dad's computer.

Even though it snowed on us while I was "up north" I decided it was time to unpack my spring clothes and put away the big bulk sweaters. As I folded and hung the clothes to put in my closet I suddenly realized that all of the cute spring/summer items I was unpacking... were probably not going to fit me this year. There are a few dresses that will work and the tops can be used for a while too…

Feeling Poofy

In an effort to appease certain "audience" members... :) I am going to try to write more frequently that once a week.

Now being firmly in the second trimester things should start to really change. Things as in the shape of my body- particularly my stomach area. All along I've felt some pulling sensations across my adbomen. This week though it's almost constant! :) I've read that this pulling or stretching is called round ligmant pain. It's not painful though, its kind of fun to know that the baby is getting bigger so there needs to be more room made.
Last night for the first time Kevin kind of looked at me and said that he thinks I'm (in his words) ballooning a little. Then he retracted that and used Angelica's words, that I am "poofing up" a little. Either way, both statements are true I'm growing little by little. Thankfully I was given more maternity clothes to borrow last night. At this rate I won't have to BUY anything! Yeah righ…
I woke up this morning, once again in a good mood, aka back to my normal self. I no longer dread going to work or dread making conversation because I feel so naseaus. I am actually in the mood to eat normal foods, but still am favoring pastas over meat. I've decided as of this morning that I need to make walking after work a habit now until baby is born. I've got most of my pre-pregnant energy back and it would be nice to get outside now that the weather is warmer. I should suggest to Kevin that I tag along on his golfing trips. He always walks the course, it would be a great workout! We'll see what he says about that idea. :) I've gained 7 pounds as of this morning. Most of which I am pretty sure have found their way into one of three places, my hips, butt and bra. Hoping soon those three areas can quick expanding and I will actually start showing instead. But its only 14 weeks, by 20 weeks I think things will even out in that department. Here's an estimated updat…

Knock on Wood

I think I feel better.

For the last eight weeks, almost to the day, when I wake up and before I go to bed I've been either naseauous, had a stomach ache or a combination of both. By the end of the day I'm ready for a nap. Put this all together and I haven't been in a great mood lately.

Today, so far, I actually feel like I have ENERGY! And I havne't felt sick yet. Now this maybe a little premature...and maybe I'm setting myself up for an awful night on the couch. But right now I feel good and am enjoying it. Kevin even mentioned today that I seemed in a really good mood. I hope this sticks!

Peachy Keen

Today marks 13 weeks! I've read conflicting views on when the second trimester starts. Some say today some say at 13 weeks 3 I'm going with webmd. Here is what they say:

The second trimester of pregnancy spans from week 13 to 27. This ist he time when most women start to look pregnant and may begin to wear maternity clothes. You may find that the second trimester is the easiest part of pregnancy.
Which brings me to the topic of maternity clothes. As of this morning all of my "normal" clothes still fit however, with the reminder from my doctor, this isn't going to last long. So I've been doing some online browsing for what is to come. Lucky for me my friends Mindi and Karla have been generous enough to borrow me a few items. But of course there needs to be more. A few items I've got my eye on...

and this splurge of a diaper bag...

Who doesn't like free? :)

I just started following a great new blog: Make Room for Style. As a bonus there's a fun giveaway, BEAUTIFUL pillow and blanket set from Javis Davis. Check it out here. I think it would be so much fun to win these, the perfect first thing for baby's room. Check out the blog for your own chance to win!

Thump, thump, thump

Yesterday I got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was racing along at 165 beats per minute. Not much else happened at this appointment and I hear that is how it will be until much later in the summer. The doctor did offer a few optional tests which Kevin and I have dedided to forego.

Two topics that seem to be talked about more and more lately are:

1. If we have any names picked out.

2. People trying to touch my stomach and being surprised there's not a bump there.

So to answer the name question: no we don't have names picked out. Suggestions welcomed. ;)
To answer the bump question: I don't touch your stomach, so unless you ask, please don't touch mine. Really though, there's nothing to feel yet. :) Baby is the size of a plum. Here's an article all about it... it's meant to be light hearted. Unwanted Belly Touching: It's My Belly - Not Public Property!You're so excited! You're pregnant and just beginning to show! You can't wait…

There's a lime in my belly

Your baby is growing by leaps and bounds and so is his or her head, which is equal in length to the rest of the body. On the crown the head hair follicles are forming. Fingernail and toenail beds begin to develop this week and by next week, the nails themselves will start to grow. The baby's body is straightening and his or her torso is lengthening. Other poses the baby may assume now: stretches, somersaults, and forward rolls!