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New Employer

I'd like to introduce to you my new CEO and CFO....

Parker Vranicar CEO (Chief Eating Officer) and Cooper Vranicar (Chief Fun Officer)
Although I have been a full-time "employee" of these two fine gentlmen for three and half years I will no longer be telecommuting from my salaried job. As of the end of this month (today) I am officially a full time stay at home mom! This decision has been a year in the making and it was finally time to just do it. There were a combination of things to lead to me being brave enough to take the plunge, but now I'm here and could not be more excited. I've been mentally preparing  myself for the transition that needs to happen. Everyone has a new schedule to adjust to, a new budget, a new lifestyle essentially. I've received so many different reactions to this change. From the uber great reactions like Kevin being fully on board and encouraging me to do what will make me happier, former co-workers excited for me and this oppor…

This and that

Lazy-Woman's Blog:

1. Cooper and Parker started the latest round of swimming lessons. This is Parker's first, Cooper has been going twice a year since 6 months.
2. Cooper starts soccer this weekend. He's part of Team Thunder :) Kevin pointed out (after seeing the other parents' email addresses) that one of the children's parents is a lawyer- we are hoping Cooper doesn't choose this child to tackle.. 3.  Parker seems to get teeth in bunches. He is currently getting three of the four one year molars.
4. I started posting pictures using Istagram, because on top of the blog, Pinterest, Facebook and life, I wanted ONE more thing to consume my time.
5. I'm currently campaigning for a family dog. Kevin's response- "I vehemently oppose"
6. Every time daycare sends the boys snow gear home- it snows.
7. I'm going to be an aunt again the end of May. Mike, Delayne and Alex will welcome the yet to be named little girl sometime around May 22. 

8. Ni…