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FUN Opportunity

A few weeks ago my friend Carisa invited me to be part of the filming of Kristi Youngdahl's Inspired Fitness online program. I jumped at the chance! I am SO interested in health, wellness, exercise, food, etc that this was right up my alley. I had not met Kristi before, but felt like I already knew her after hearing so many great things about her from Carisa. When we met, she was exactly as I had heard, warm, cheerful, welcoming and so darn inshape and beautiful! (Not to mention an Oxygen Magazine fitness model??) It was a fun afternoon or me trying not to look foolish doing the exercises, it is surprisingly difficult to do a lunge with one foot balancing on a chair while demonstrating good form! We had to shoot that one a few times...sorry Kristi! Please check out her website, it's FULL of information on living a healthy life and how to acheive your fitness goals.

Crazy Head

Recently I had an extra, unexpected half day with my boys. We decided we should spend it at the Mall of America's Nickelodeon Universe. Cooper is tall enough to go on many of the rides by himself, just in case Cooper is too little to enjoy some of them- so we headed out to see how much fun we could have. I really can't out into words how wonderful that morning was, everyone was happy, content and for the most part, everything went off without a hitch. I took several videos of Cooper riding the rides so we could share them with Kevin, but this one is my favorite.. wait until the end- that's the best part.

A few more highlights...

Finally, it was time for lunch and Cooper requested a cheese quesadilla so off to Chipotle we went. Because there were not any open tables in the restaurant and because we have a very large stroller and need lots of space when we eat...we headed back out to the main food court and chose a table near a man sitting by himself. I got Cooper in a sea…