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There’s something special about a group of people gathering together on a cold, windy morning to participate in a 5k. It doesn’t matter how many races I run or how large or small the event, every time I stand at the starting line I get an overwhelming surge of excitement and energy for what I’m about to do. This Thanksgiving morning was no different as I and nearly 75 others came together in Lake Park to run the first annual Families Forever Turkey Day 5k. The event was held to raise scholarship money for the Families Forever Scholarships that are awarded each year to two young women in the community; a Lake Park Audubon senior and a Miss Northwest contestant. I’m very pleased to say that thanks to the number of participants and our sponsors, we will be able to increase our 2013 scholarship amounts.

This event would not have come together without the awesome group of runners and walkers who laughed/cried through the brutal wind and cold. You were all there for different …

Giving yourself more time

Within the last month or so, I've been trying to be more efficient in my every day planning. My goal is to have more "free" time with Cooper and Parker and reduce my self inflicted stress! 
By free time with the boys I mean, real time that I am not distracted and can just play with them rather than, unload the dishes, load the washing machine, dust, make dinner, etc, etc, etc....

One thing that has really helped reduce the stress levels is preparing my lunch for the entire week on Sunday night. I bake four chicken breasts, pack four containers FULL of greens and veggies (spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli)  Cooper likes to help me with his and really is good at jamming lettuce in! :) I also pre-pack bags of fruit, an apple, banana and one more snack for each day. I settle everything into the fridge so all I have to do all week is reach in, get what I need, load my cooler and go. Cooking on Sunday to last the entire week has really sa…

My Beautiful Boys

Just a sneak peek at the family photos we had taken with Scott Haraldson Photography. More to come!

Turkey Day 5k

A few weeks ago I began my search for a Thanksgiving day run to participate in. If we were planning on being home for the holiday I would have a pretty nice variety of choices for something like this. But I soon found that my choices near my dad's house in northern Minnesota were not as varied. In fact, the races I did find were both at least an hour from his house and the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.
I guess I'd just get up that morning and go for a run onmy own or maybe one of my brothers would join me, unless...
I organized my own!
Why not? If you want something- make it happen!
And suddenly the Families Forever Turkey Day 5k was created! For those you don't know, Families Forever was created almost seven years ago in memory of my mother, it is a scholarship we give each year to two young women in the Lake Park Audubon high school and to a Miss Northwest contestant. For more detailed information you can visit our website here. My aunt Peggy is the spearhead of the who…

13.1 DONE

I started to write this post in my head as I ran along those 13.1 miles. If only I had remember all those clever things I wanted to write....  
Let's start at race packet pick up which was Friday afternoon at the St. Paul River Center. I took my lunch hour  to drive to St. Paul and pick up my race bib, finishers' jacket (which I think is pretty funny since I hand't stepped foot on the course and already owned the finisher's gear) and looked around the expo. As I entered the expo area to my left I saw a huge banner, stretching across the better part or the wall. As I neared it, I saw that on it was an alphabetical listing of all the 14,000 runners who would be participating that next day. I did a little searching and found both my name and that of my sister in-law Delayne. Originally, Delayne had encouraged me to sign up for the race because she was going to run it with me. Well, she didn&#…