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Merry Christmas

Today is the day I have been looking forward to since I ordered this year's Christmas cards. This is the day they are all in their envelopes, sealed, stamped, addressed and on their way to their recipients, all 180+ of you. I should note that this is 20 less than last year.

One hundred and eighty!

The reason we have so many cards?
- I am practically related to the entire northwestern area of Minnesota (seriously, Kevin now assumes that anyone we meet while visiting my dad must be a relative, and he's probably right.)
- Kevin's side of the family may not be as extensive, but we are a very close group which means we can't bump anyone off the list. (If for no other reason than them finding out! ;) )
- We both know a lot of people.
-We feel bad/guilty taking anyone off our list!

We went over and over our list trying to cut down the number of cards to send. The only thing that made this easier or even possible is if the card we sent to them last year was returned and we still ca…

Newest Fascination...Christmas Trees!

We finally pulled our Christmas tree out of it's box and into our living room. Cooper had already seen a Christmas tree all lit up at daycare but not at home so I wanted to be there when he saw ours for the first time. Unfortunately this happened the morning after we set it up and I was already at work. Thankfully Kevin captured a few pictures on his phone of Cooper's amazement. He shrieked and dance around from the moment he saw it! Lucky for me, he has a similar reaction each and every time we plug in the lights!