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Speaking Engagement

Several weeks ago I was asked to be a guest speaker at my high school. I would be speaking to the 7th and 8th grade girls about self confidence, how to develop good self esteem and a strong sense of self, making good decisions and my experience being part of the Miss America Organization.
I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to this group of young women! I remember so well the feeling of being their age and not knowing exactly where I fit in the world. Of looking up to the older girls in school, of worrying about how I looked, what I wore and what others thought of me.
I immediately began brainstorming what I would say. My notes started with thoughts of what I used to think being self confident meant; being boastful and conceited. And that thinking I was good at something and celebrating that equalled a self centered attitude.
I wrote down notes about being your best self, about not giving into peer pressure and how your decisions now will impact your future. I took pages of th…

Little Man of Many Words

Cooper's vocabulary seems to be growing everyday. Thanks to our wonderful Jill he is signing a few words:
Thank you
All done

And now he is speaking some new words as well. Some of the favorites include:
Da (dad)
Mamamamamam (mom)
Kacker (cracker)
and once, we swear he said broccoli :)