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Ups and Downs

The Ups
Last Friday we had another ultrasound. :) This time from the moment the baby new it was "on camera" it wouldn't stop moving! The little arms and legs were busy kicking and waving at us- already such a show off. Thankfully once again everything looks great, I will see the doctor next week and I'm thinking won't have another ultrasound until 20 weeks. By that time much will have changed.

The downs

Flowers sent to my office from my dear friend Mindi.Made my day!

Today marks three years since my mom died. It is really hard to believe it's been that long, I can remember when it was one hour, two hours, one day, one week.

More ups
This weekend all 18 of our Miss Minnesota contestants came together for contestant orientation weekend. We truly have a remarkably tough competition this year. It was fun to see everyone together and to try to guess who will be in the top 10...good luck. I'm still guessing! I will try to post a group picture later today.

Sunday was o…

How big is baby?

This is a fun site that gives a pretty good estimate on how big baby is. As of tomorrow I am 10 weeks so Baby is the size of a prune. How funny is that!

8am and mashed potatoes

This morning Baby V decide he/she wanted mashed potatoes. So of course I obliged and ate some. This mid morning meal was more so for me and my sea sick feeling (thank you Heidi for the perfect description). Saltines just weren't cutting it so I snuck a little of my lunch early. And I feel much better.

Yesterday I was pretty wiped by the time I got home. I sat down on the couch with my laptop to enjoy the warm sunshine and the next thing I know the 5 o'clock news is coming on. This has turned into somewhat of a running joke in our house. If I don't take a short nap when I get home- good luck if I make it to the 10 o'clock news.

While most of the pregnancy books offer the same information I've been able to find a few that I really enjoy.

1. The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Lovine (Thanks to Brianne for borrowing me this one.)
2. You & Your Baby by Dr. Laura Riley (This one has great pictures of the different stages of baby's growth).

I'm always on …

There go the beans

After an extended hiatus from blogging, I'm back. I had to keep myself off the blog out of fear that I would spill the beans. (See my previous post about secret keeping.)

So here's the news.... we're having a baby! October 20, 2009 is the due date I've been given.
Here are Baby V's first pictures. So photogenic don't you think? 6 weeks
Heartbeat 140 beats per minute 8 weeks
Heartbeat 170 beats per minute It's amazing to us how much changed in just two weeks. My doctor offered another first trimester ultrasound on the 27th so we will get to see the baby again! So far I'm pretty tired, have food aversions to a couple things, sweets being one right now and I have no interest in ice cream. Saltines are helping me make it in the morning. But really- I don't have any complaints. Everything looks great and we really couldn't be happier about our little one. I promise to update more frequently. :)


When we are little if someone tells you a secret we almost always tell the first person we see. Somethings never change. Growing up I was notorious for spilling the beans to everyone. If something was going on at home you could bet that my teachers at school knew about it. I'm still this way, I'm not sure why- I guess I like including everyone in on what's going on. Kevin on the other hand would be perfectly happy not telling anyone anything ever. So I suppose there is a balance somewhere.
Some people are better at keeping secrets than others. For instance: yesterday I did an interview for a local magazine I freelance for. This woman owns a boutique that carries pageant gowns among other things. She mentioned that she was dressing one of our Miss Minnesota contestants this year. My immediate reaction was so ask "WHO?" She laughed and and said she had promised to keep it a secret. Will power. :)
Of course "important" secrets I can keep. I mean, if someon…