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More pictures to come.... :)


4 Weeks Old

Today Cooper and I are baking cupcakes and making beef wellington to help celebrate his 4 week birthday. I think he thought the party was supposed to begin this morning at 3am... I gently reminded him that it would not start until Kevin got home after work. The party is going to consist of us eating the beef and cupcakes and Cooper enjoying a bottle of formula and a bath.
Happy Birthday my little prince!

18 days old

Today Cooper and I went to his first doctor appointment for a check up. Here are his stats:
Weight: 10lbs 14oz 90-95%
Height: 23 3/8" 97%
Head: 15 1/4" 75-90%

Our pediatrician was quite happy at Cooper's weight gain...and I think surprised at just how MUCH he has gained in just over two weeks. He gave him an A plus for our visit.

Happy birthday Cooper!

Thursday October 22nd 1:45am I woke up to use the bathroom. As I got out of bed, much to my surprise since I hadn't had any contractions... my water broke! I went to the bathroom just to "make sure", I thought that water breaking like this only happened in the movies. Indeed my water had broke- "Kevin, my water just broke!"
We called the hospital to let them know we were on our way and away we went! Upon arriving we were "assessed" to make sure I was actually in labor- the nurse kind of laughed since it was quite obvious I was. They checked us into our labor and delivery room where Kevin and I discovered there was only one anesthesiologist on that night/morning so if I wanted an epidural I better get my name on the list. We then walked the floor for awhile until I started getting goodness. I have a new respect for my girlfriend Kari who has had two little boys without any pain medicine. I have no idea how she (or my mother for that m…

He's here!!!

When I have a little more time I will post the details but for now here is our little man Cooper Anthony Vranicar. Born October 22nd 3:57pm weighing 8lbs 12 ounces. He's pretty perfect.