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What do we live for, if it is not to make life
less difficult for each other? George Eliot

It is now, and now is different. Even though you may have experienced an overwhelming amount of disappointment in the past, the past is over.
Perhaps you've failed again and again. Now is different.
That was then and this is now. Now you have the opportunity to move forward.
Now you can do what you've never been able to do before. Now you can follow through on the things you've been unable or unwilling to do in the past.
Now is your moment to live. Now is the time to act.
Now is when you can truly make a difference. Stand up, step forward and live.
-- Ralph Marston

Patience and Faith

This past week I got to spend time at my dad's house, the house that I grew up in and love. Being there makes me happy and at the same time sad and filled with worry. I am sad that I can't keep everything the same as when my mom was there and worried that I am not doing enough to help my dad and sister. While I am there I try to do as much as I can for them, I try to take care of everyone- even more so than when I am not there. I am by nature a caretaker. I work best when I can be taking care of things for others and it makes me feel good. I'm afraid it also drives me crazy. I do not like when I am not in control of a situation or maybe it is more accurate to say that I just want to know what is going to happen. Kevin often looks at me and reminds me to breathe.

I've learned in the past three years and more recently in the last 9 months that I simply cannot plan the things in my life that once upon a time thought I could. I was naive to think so. Life is going to be ful…


Last night Kevin and I went door to door and gave our neighbors a small token of our thanks. We have really great neighbors who we actually enjoy spending time with. During warmer months the men all gather each Sunday evening in a garage and have a couple beers. The women sometimes get to join this gathering, often though we have to wander over slowly one by one as to not scare them off. :) We're not sure why they try to make it a men only meeting but so far we have found our way into a couple of the Sunday nights.
Last night also brought a first for me. My friend Kari and I built a diaper cake for our good friend Emily and her husband Aaron who just welcome their first child Maggie. I'm quite pleased with the creation- most of all its pretty practical; diapers, onesies, teethers, rattles, etc. Now I need to transport it to Lake Park. :)


Things to be thankful for this year:

My thoughtful husband

my dad, sister, brothers, sister in law, grandma

great in-laws


Having an aunt that lives so close to my dad and sister

Yahoo chat with Mindi

being asked to be Gena's godparents

dinners with Josh & Krista

my daily 4pm phone calls with Emily

the girls at work

good traveling weather

Labor Day weekend at the cabin

a pay check

great neighbors


my gopher stocking hat when walking to and from games

sleeping in

getting up early and being happy about it

Cards, Cold and well, cold.

Kevin and I often get the chance to attend sporting events. We both are fortunate enough to have generous people in our lives that offer us their tickets and rarely do we pass them up. So Friday we bundled up and headed to the Wild hockey game. We love hockey. If you had asked me six years ago about the sport I would have given you an empty stare. Now however I am quite convinced that someday we will have a house full of smelly hockey gear and will be regulars at the ice rink.

Reasons why we love hockey games: the hotdogs (yes really), the excitement of seeing the team take the ice, the way the entire arena automatically jumps to their feet at the sound of the punk clinking with the posts and of course, seeing our team win. I noticed for the first time this weekend that I enjoy Gopher hockey even more than Wild hockey. There is no replacing the way the student section at Mariucci makes the game feel. It's contagious.

Saturday brought snow. But that hardly stopped us from getting t…

Getting excited

Christmas has always been an exciting time for me. I think it is for many people. I enjoy all of the hustle and bustle of people in the malls, getting up the day after Thanksgiving with my aunt Peggy and shopping until our feet hurt. Baking cut out cookies with my sister Angelica and sister in law Delayne.
This time of year year can also be quite bitter sweet for many people, myself included. My mom made Christmas so special for our family.

I'm trying to keep traditions going and trying to make the holiday as special for everyone as I can. It's not the same but I think she is happy seeing that we are all together to celebrate.

I am thankful that I have a husband that understands how important it is that I spend Christmas day with my family. I do feel badly that we can't see both of our families that day- one day when we have children I hope everyone can be at our house. But for now we will be driving to my dad's Christmas Eve day and coming home Saturday for one of my …

Getting Things Done

Because Kevin and I were both sick the last few days we have gotten a little behind on our to-do list. Thankfully for me, Kevin is very organized and checked a huge to- do off this morning: booking our flight to VEGAS!! I am very excited to be going to Vegas again this January to cheer for our Miss MN Angie McDermott at the Miss America pageant and to enjoy a long weekend vacation with Kevin. Last year we had a such a fun time that we couldn't pass up going again. Plus there is just too much to do in just one trip.

The next thing that we need to get done is our Christmas letter. T-minus one week and it will be Christmas. I would prefer our "Christmas letter" be sent to before then. But again- not complaining because Kevin is writing 90% of it and I have confidence that it will get done and out the door.

Shopping! Ok, this one is pretty much done. The thing that worries me is that my dad and husband haven't started shoppingyet. This means that I will probably be help…

My blog title

No- I'm not trying to be one of Hef's girls... I chose Girl Next Door as the blog name for the way Kevin and I met six years ago.
When I started my sophomore year at Concordia my good friends Kayla and Kari and I moved into a house near campus. When we looked out or back window, much to our dismay, what we saw was less than a great view. Picture broken down car, ratty couch and beer cans all over the deck... we vowed to use the front door whenever possible.
One day walking home from class I got a call from Kayla stating that she has been locked out of our house and was at the neighbors house and that I should come over too. So I did and well the rest is kind of history so to speak. There was Kevin in his living room with Kayla watching television. He was a big football player type guy and he caught my attention. That's where it all started.
From that day the girls and the guys started hanging out on a regular basis. They would come home late from a night out and stop by our p…

Oh so sick

I can't remember that last time I had the stomach flu. I remember becoming extremely ill after having a bad reaction to pain killers given to me after having my wisdom teeth removed, but that was nothing compared to how sick I was this week.
Yes, Kevin was sick earlier this week. I should have tried harder to stay away from him I guess because Monday night I started to feel sick. By 11pm I was sick and stayed that way until 9pm last night. I have never been so sick. Ever. I think I'm pretty tough in the category of being ill. I try to push through it and get by. This one really got the best of me.
Once upon a time in one of my college courses the instructor talked about how we can't remember how physical pain feels. I know now exactly why that is. :)
Ok- I am being a little dramatic about all of this- after all it was just the stomach flu.
Word of caution- if someone you know has the flu... stay far, far way from them. It is very contagious!

Here we go

My husband will say that me starting a blog is the same as having a Facebook page-very narcissistic. :) I guess he is right. Why should I assume that people want to read what I am doing let alone see pictures of it. And I say I because my husband Kevin will not want me to mention him or post pictures of him.... he is a pretty private person. He jokes, kind of, that he wants me to black out his face on any pictures I post to Facebook that include him.

With that said, I can ensure you that Kevin will be mentioned and pictured in my blog. He is after all my husband- the person I spend more time with than anyone else. Well anyone besides my co-worker Lisa. We share a cube wall. She is the best wall sharer ever. We've requested that there be a window installed between us or at least a hinged wall so we can chat more easily- apparently that is looked down upon by some in the office.

Back to Kevin- maybe the best way to talk about him is in code. I should think of a name to use for him. Ju…