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And what a surprise it was! Last Thursday started out like any other weekday. Got the kids off to Jill's house, headed to work and picked the boys up at the end of the day. Kevin and I have been talking about getting Cooper a bike now for some time, so when he suggested that we go look at our options that night I didn't think anything of it.
We headed out to grab something to eat, Kevin suggested somewhere with onion rings and I played right along- who turns down onion rings?! So off to Funddrucker's we went! I should mention that the question of "what's for dinner?" is one that we hear daily in our house. I don't mind cooking and in fact I really enjoy it, but it is the deciding WHAT to eat that gets me frustrated, so when someone suggests a meal or a place to eat, I usually just go with it.
On our way there, Kevin said he wanted to stop quickly at Old Navy to pick up a pair of jeans since it was so close. Again, nothing out of the ordinary- he needed …

We have a crawler and a biker

Kind of.

Parker is now "crawling" and by crawling I mean, he gets his hind end up in the air while on his hands and tippy toes and rocks around before finally either lanching himself forward or getting one knee down on the ground and pushing himself forward.

Cooper on the other hand really is riding a bike (with training wheels). At my dad's house this past weekend Kevin got him on the bike and away he went- not to be stopped by anyone. Making turns is still somthing to work on, but he really gets going when it's a straight shot!