Birthday WEEK!

Friday morning at about 1:45a.m. will mark one year since I awoke to what I thought was a typical middle of the night, interrupt my restful sleep to run to the bathroom episodes. Instead I got out of bed to find my water had broke. That day we would be meeting our perfect "little" baby. I am so very thankful Kevin took notes during our day at the hospital leading up to Cooper being born. It is a blur to me.
I go back and forth between feeling like Cooper has always been apart of our life to feeling as if we've blinked our eyes and suddenly we have a one year old boy who is full of giggles, smiles, funny faces, tricks, mischief, hugs and curiosity.

Things that have surprised us:

His RED hair :) Although we never expected to have a red headed baby we can't imagine him any other way.

His blue eyes - I always thought that if we had a little boy he would have Kevin's brown eyes. Instead he has my blue eyes and very fair skin.

His personality - no matter where we go with Cooper we can expect to hear comments on either his hair...or his laid back, happy-go-lucky personality. We joke that baby #2 will be pay back for the absolutely cheerful boy we have now. I didn't expect that we would have an unhappy baby, but Cooper is SO happy and laid back that he makes being parents seem "easy".

His size - now I shouldn't be that surprised with how tall Cooper is but it seems almost every time we meet about little person Cooper's same age he is noticeably taller. Cooper's size sometimes reminds me of a puppy; how his paws (hands and feet) are so much bigger in comparison to the rest of him. I can picture him at age 16 coming home with his friends and Kevin and I making food for a small army just to feed them. I can't wait.

This Saturday we will welcome 34 family members to our home to celebrate Cooper's one year of life. It will be a crazy day that we are very much looking forward to - I will be sure to post photos of all of the fun.


Brie said…
Great post - so fun. He's so handsome!

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