Catching Up

Summer is flying by! It is hard to believe I am nearly 6 months pregnant (Monday will mark the official day).  We had the anatomy ultrasound a a few weeks ago. This baby is not as camera friendly as Cooper was. It is had to distinguish what is what, but we did see that baby is healthy and very active! It was also nice to hear that while we didn't want to know gender, my doctor won't know either until baby is born. Even if we had wanted to find out, the baby was not going to show us.
This pregnancy has been so different than with Cooper. Cooper's personality matches how I felt while pregnant with him; happy, content, laid back. This pregnancy, so far, has had me feeling pretty sick the first 4 1/2 months. I'm wondering if we have a little spit fire on our hands this time? :)
Another thing I am very curious to learn is what features this baby will have. Last time, I thought if we had a boy he would look just like Kevin- dark eyes, dark hair (yes, at one time Kevin did have hair and it was brown). The only thing Cooper has that is most definitely Kevin's is his size. Cooper has remained in the 97% for everything since he was born. His red hair, fair skin and blue/hazel eyes must have come from me. While I do not have red hair, my dad's dad (Clayton) did until he was in his twenties. I wish I had a picture!
My thoughts are that if we have a girl she will have Kevin's dark eyes and hair. What will be really interesting is if we have another boy and he gets those traits. We will just have to wait about 16 more weeks to see!

Other highlights of this pregnancy-
1. Leg cramps have begun. Ah yes, the nightly charlie-horse in my leg(s) that has be pacing back in forth in the bedroom trying to relieve the pain.
2. My doctor says my weight is still on track. I looked back at a picture of me pregnant at this time with Cooper and compared it to me now... how quickly I forgot just how large I have yet to become. 
3. I'm hoping all of the chasing I do with Cooper will help me avoid all  of the swelling I experienced last time. Towards the end we couldn't find the bones in my feet.
4. I'm finding that, much to my dismay, ice cream still hasn't made its way back on my must have list. I love ice cream and pre-pregnancy I would eat it every night. Now, I can take it or leave it. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
5. We have a boy name chosen but cannot find a girl name that we both love. Apparently my suggestions of Rowan, Beatrice, Sydney, Bella or Livia are not what Kevin has in mind. Suggestions welcomed!

In other news...
The same week of the ultrasound we spent some time at Breezy Point with the Vranicars! Some weekend highlights!


And dancing!

Next week our little family of three will head to Orlando! The trip is for two reasons- first, for our Outstanding Teen's competition in Miss America's Outstanding Teen and second for a family vacation. We plan to take in Disney, Sea World and the ocean. We will have enough "free" time to really get the most out of this trip. We have been practicing riding on a plane with Cooper. The three of us sit on the couch and tell Cooper to put his hand sin his lap and sit there for three hours.
He laughs and wiggles away.
Joking aside, we really think he'll do fine on the flight with the help of some new books, Baby Einstein and snacks.
Lots of pictures to come!


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