6 Months

A few days old and now 6 months!

We recently took Parker to his 6 month well check. We were quite curious where his growth (particularly his weight) fell on the chart in comparison to other babies. Parker is 25.5lbs and ___" tall. I need to go back and check his height- I'll fill in later.
To give you an idea of how big Parker is compared to big brother Cooper - Cooper was 21lbs at his 6 month well check! On a small body, those four and a half pounds don't have many places to go!

Parker loves to eat - As if you couldn't tell from his weight. He will eat two containers of stage 2 baby food and not long after want to also have a bottle. I guess he needs something to wash it all down?

Parker is L-O-U-D! When he is happy, hungry, sad, excited, scared....he yells/screams. Note I didn't include the word cries, he rarely cries. Much like his cousin Alexander, he is just a loud kid who either likes the sound or the feeling of his voice!

Parker is a cuddler - Watch out if you are holding this little lover, before you have a chance to dodge his chubby hands of steel, he will have either your hair or your facial skin in a death grip and will be pulling you into his large, drool covered mouth for a big wet one. Not only will you get a kiss from him, he'll also try to taste you to see if you're worth holding on to. By the time you can untangle your hair from his strong little fingers you will be covered with baby slobber.

Parker is a GREAT sleeper - (at night) -  We are lucky enough to have had two boys who started sleeping through the night by the time they were three months old. This is probably because they were full of food and growing like weeds and needed the sleep. Parker currently goes to bed by 9pm and sleeps until about 6am.

Parker wants to move - He's getting the hang of rolling across the floor to discover toys and entertain himself. He also tries like mad to get his toes in his mouth, but because he has such large thighs, he can't quite get them in there.  (unlike his big brother.... :) )

Now on to my special Cooper

Cooper is growing up -  Lately he has been telling us when he needs to use the potty! Last summer he was showing interest in using a potty chair, but then along came Parker and it kind of ended. Now he's more interested and seems to be getting the hang of the idea. We're in no rush, but it would be nice to only have one little boys' diapers to change. I recenly bought Cooper a couple pairs of big boy underwear- he was thrilled! He wears them on the outside of his diaper for now.

He is so smart - He counts two twenty (with a little help at then end), he corrolates numbers with actual objects and can count large numbers of "things", he knows his colors, and he loves singing! When Kevin or I make up new words to a classic children's song (Twinkle, Twinkle for example) he can use the tune and create his own new lyrics right along with us.

He is a boy of many words - During our ECFE class, our instructor, Ms Shari, commented to me how easily Cooper can be understood and how big his vocabulary is.

He's polite - He is the first to say "excuse me", "bless you" or "sorry".

He's athletic - Cooper loves playing baseball with his uncles, riding three-wheeler with Grandpa Dougie, jumping on the trampoline with Jelica (Angelica), golfing, RUNNING, and maybe most of all- playing soccer.

The month of June is flying by. We are busy with so many things and really enjoying it. This weekend we will celebrate my Granda Ballard's 85th birthday and are looking forward to seeing many family members all together for such a happy occasion!


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