Happy Birthday!
And what a surprise it was! Last Thursday started out like any other weekday. Got the kids off to Jill's house, headed to work and picked the boys up at the end of the day. Kevin and I have been talking about getting Cooper a bike now for some time, so when he suggested that we go look at our options that night I didn't think anything of it.
We headed out to grab something to eat, Kevin suggested somewhere with onion rings and I played right along- who turns down onion rings?! So off to Funddrucker's we went! I should mention that the question of "what's for dinner?" is one that we hear daily in our house. I don't mind cooking and in fact I really enjoy it, but it is the deciding WHAT to eat that gets me frustrated, so when someone suggests a meal or a place to eat, I usually just go with it.
On our way there, Kevin said he wanted to stop quickly at Old Navy to pick up a pair of jeans since it was so close. Again, nothing out of the ordinary- he needed new jeans and the store was right there. So, we made the stop at Old Navy, Kevin ran in and I waited in the car with the boys. When he returned he mentioned something about it taking so long because there was only one cashier. (I found out later that he ws in there texting his aunt Ann, his co-conspirator, that we would be there in five minutes).  Next we drove to Fuddrucker's, parked and walked in. I was too busy to notice any one's car since I was carrying Parker and holding Cooper's hand. Again, I would later find out that even if I were to look around I wouldn't have seen any familiar vehicles- Kevin outlined in great detail where guests could and could not park. Even going so far as to email a diagram of the parking lot, highlighting the approved areas.
When we entered, we looked at the menu, placed our orders and started to look for a place to sit. Kevin suggested we look in the back of the restaurant, in the tent area so we could have more space since wherever we go we tend to spread out. Again, I just went with it and started to walk back in that direction.
My shock as we walked in and heard "SURPRISE!"
As I neared the doorway for the back area, I spotted Kevin's aunt Ann sitting at a table. I thought to myself, "what a coincidence! Ann and Tim are eating here tonight too, let's sit with them!" But then i saw his aunt Mary as well and my thinking switched to..."they're all out to eat! Why weren't we invited?!" And as I started to march over to them to "protest" the lack of dinner invite from them I was stopped in my tracks by the HUGE sound of "SURPRISE!!!" My mouth dropped open as I stood there like a deer in headlights trying to comprehend what was happening. As I slowly turned to see where the sound was coming my eyes darted from face to face as they all started to registered in my head- I know all of these people...! My gosh this is a surprise for ME! As the enormity of what had just happened hit me, I looked at Kevin and said "I would have worn something different!" Then I had to turn away and just shake my head- the sheer happiness and astonishment of so many people taking the time to sit and wait for me to arrive just to wish me a happy birthday was truly overwhelming. I know I am loved, but a very public display like this one, serves as a reminder.
I officially turn the big 3-0 on September 5, but am  happy to have acknowledged this milestone early.I threw Kevin a surprise 30th a few years ago, right before Cooper was born. I too held it a few weeks prior to his actual day, but I had to do that in case our little boy showed up before we expected.  I guess for that reason, I should have seen this coming.
SO excited to see Natalie (Miss MN 2011) there!
Kevin went to alot of work to pull this off. Many people have shared with me the emails Kevin sent to prepare for it, and reading through them it really just reminded me of how he planned our wedding. Doing everything he could to make it as special and memorable as possible for me. Our good friend Barb said it best when she said "Kevin simply adores you!" He really does and I feel that same way about him.
Here are a few more photos from the incredible night!

Barb, Ann and Dave

My beautiful nephew and God son Alex

Brianne and Kaley

Kevin and Parker

L to R- Lauri, Mary, Bob, Nancy, Tim and Larry

The girls from work! Lto R- Lisa, Brie, Karla, Christina and Kristen. Thank you for being there!

My brothers Mike, Nick, our good friends and Cooper's God parents Josh, Krista, and their daugher Gena and my SOON to be sister in-law Melissa

Cooper :)

Brother in-law Jeff, our friend John and my brother and sister in-law Brian and Joni

L to R- David, Rod, Naomi and Julie- so happy to see all of you! I miss you!

The Sweet family L to R- Erica, Brian, Taylor and Jill- very special family!

All the kiddos with Delayne. L to R- Our God daughter Gena, Cooper, Alex and Parker

And if you are interested... Here is one of the the emails Kevin sent :)

Shhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a surprise!
What: Surprise Party for Jacquelyn Vranicar’s 30th Birthday
When: Thursday, August 23, 2012 @ 6:00 PM (We will try to arrive at 6:15, but keep in mind, my wife is early for everything!)
Where: Bloomington Fuddruckers (3801 Minnesota Dr. Bloomington, MN 55435)
Who: Everyone that knows her is invited.
Why: Because paybacks are a _____! (she surprised me on my 30th and I hate surprises) Oh, and it’s her birthday.
1. Please RSVP to my aunt, Ann Kelly, at or (952) 486-1361. I need to get an approximate head count. (yes, Ann does text message)
2. Please pass this along to anyone you think would want to be there. (Barb/David – can you get the word out to pageant people?) (Brie / Karla can you inform co-workers?) (Jill – Can you tell select daycare parents about this J?)
3. No Gifts (unless they are highly inappropriate and really funny)
4. No posting this on facebook, Twitter, voy board (pageant reference) or any other social media site. It will ruin the surprise and I won’t have enough cake to feed 3,000 fake…I mean, cyber “friends”.
5. Please do not put this on your work calendar if she has access to it.
6. PLEASE DON’T RUIN THE SURPRISE – don’t talk about it, don’t think about it, don’t say “see you tonight” on accident. I will send reminder e-mails next week J
Additional Info and FAQ:
1. Her actual birthday is September 5
2. Why Fuddruckers? Why not? It’s easy, affordable, separate tabs, order when you want and family friendly. Where else can you get a plateful of toppings and cheese sauce for free?
3. 6:00 PM….Why so early? Because my wife likes to eat at farm:30 and I have to keep things somewhat normal in order to surprise her.
4. What if I can’t make it there in time for the surprise? Show up whenever you can… truly is the thought that counts and you can still have cake.
5. What if I can’t make it there at all? Cancel your other plans….or send her a really unique facebook message that says “I’m really glad facebook reminded me that it’s your birthday, Happy Birthday!” Just make sure you do it after the party.
6. For those of you located NORTH (Lake Park, MN)…..I am trying to think of a non-surprise party/dinner/lunch location for her this weekend that doesn’t compete with the quilt show. I am open to any and all suggestions.
7. I will send more information out next week regarding the surprise.
8. I would like all questions or RSVPs be directed to my aunt, Ann Kelly, at or (952) 486-1361 just in case my wife decides to look at my phone. If you need to call/text/e-mail me, please do it during the workday.
I sincerely appreciate your help in pulling this off and I hope to see all of you there NEXT THURSDAY NIGHT!
Thanks again!
Kevin Vranicar


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