Orange you glad there's a baby in there?

15 weeks!! It is hard to believe that we are nearly four months into this journey. Time is flying but Kevin and I both are still pretty calm about the enormous change that is coming this fall. Maybe the excitement is masking the nervousness of it all.

Yesterday I wrote that I had to break out the BellaBand, well today my pants fit so we're not to the point of no return yet. Being in my second trimester though I'm anticipating the weight to start adding up. On average women gain about a pound a week during this time. When I told that to Kevin he didn't seem to impressed. Then I gave him a visual- picture one pound of hamburger meat being added to your body every week. "Well when you put it that way." As of this morning I've lost a half pound putting me at a weight gain of 6.5 pounds in these (nearly) four months.

Baby is still teeny tiny:

About 4 inches long and about 2 1/2 ounces. But that isn't slowing the baby down! Apparently, even though I can't feel it, that little person is kicking, smiling, swallowing, scrunching up their face and all around rather busy. I keep saying it, but before we know it the baby will be in our arms doing all of those great things.

Another great book!

My mom has a TON of great resource books in her daycare library. One of them is the Happiest Toddler on The Block. To coincide with that I went online and ordered The Happiest Baby on The Block. My friend Emily swears it is what got her newborn to sleep through the night and I'm going to say its worth a shot. I've been reading so much lately that I feel as if I'm cramming for a test that is months away! I just don't think I can read enough over the summer to feel like we are bringing baby home and have some idea of how to help make them into a great contributor to society....hahaha- I know. It's not that dramatic. :) We just want to do my best with this and hope that we can be as prepared as possible when the little one arrives. (Welcoming hints, tips and tricks from all of you moms. Things YOU wish you had known before you brought your baby home!)


Just Jules said…
Yes, I wish I would have been prepared for how trying it was going to be on our (marital) relationship - there is just so much stress and lack of sleep and the blame can start to fly.

Also, I wish I would have realized how NOT busy we were before kids. I just remember not doing things - not just taking off because we felt like we were so busy. This summer - go. Anywhere. Take off for the weekend, at the drop of a hat. Don't hesitate. Go to Door County, take off for the Falls, swing by Wisconsin Dells, make it to Duluth or Ely or anywhere else you may want to go. You might think you are tired or it is too hard being pregnant, but it is not going to be any easier then it is right now. In fact go to great restaurants after work, and movies. Don't take that stuff for granted.

No one can prepare you for the baby thing - you just have to learn it as you go. But, you can prepare your relationship for it a little starting now.

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