Holy Guacamole

How very appropriate on this Cinco de Mayo that today marks 16 weeks, making the baby about the size of an avocado! Measuring about 4" to 5" and weighing about 3.5 ounces. This week the baby's tiny ears are developing enough to hear my voice. Eyelashes, eyebrows and are are starting to fill in and taste buds are forming.
Apparently something that also goes along with being 4 months pregnant is congestion. This along with my already nagging allergies has made for some very itchy eye mornings and pressured induced headaches. Small price to pay I know.


Just Jules said…
It is allergies honey - the trees are budding/pollinating. Find someone who sells Young Living Oils and get yourself a bottle of R.C. or let me know and I will order you one up. You put it on your chest and inhale from your hand - natural, safe for both of you, and very very effective.

email me - I can get you a bottle by next week
Just Jules said…
btw- come over to my humble little place and answer the question "I am..." today - or go one step further and enter the contest (see the details at the post) bring your friends with you ;)
Jen said…
I always found it hard to believe that a baby could recognize his or her mother's voice right after birth. But it's true! When my daughter was born, my sister was holding her and she (my daughter) was wailing. I came near and starting talking and it soothed her! Amazing!
There's no one like mama!

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