FUN Opportunity

A few weeks ago my friend Carisa invited me to be part of the filming of Kristi Youngdahl's Inspired Fitness online program. I jumped at the chance! I am SO interested in health, wellness, exercise, food, etc that this was right up my alley.
I had not met Kristi before, but felt like I already knew her after hearing so many great things about her from Carisa. When we met, she was exactly as I had heard, warm, cheerful, welcoming and so darn inshape and beautiful! (Not to mention an Oxygen Magazine fitness model??) It was a fun afternoon or me trying not to look foolish doing the exercises, it is surprisingly difficult to do a lunge with one foot balancing on a chair while demonstrating good form! We had to shoot that one a few times...sorry Kristi!
Please check out her website, it's FULL of information on living a healthy life and how to acheive your fitness goals.


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