Crazy Head

Recently I had an extra, unexpected half day with my boys. We decided we should spend it at the Mall of America's Nickelodeon Universe. Cooper is tall enough to go on many of the rides by himself, just in case Cooper is too little to enjoy some of them- so we headed out to see how much fun we could have.
I really can't out into words how wonderful that morning was, everyone was happy, content and for the most part, everything went off without a hitch. I took several videos of Cooper riding the rides so we could share them with Kevin, but this one is my favorite.. wait until the end- that's the best part.

A few more highlights...

First ride- the Ferris Wheel...they weren't quite sure if they liked it....
Next ride, Carosel- LOVED it

Finally, it was time for lunch and Cooper requested a cheese quesadilla so off to Chipotle we went. Because there were not any open tables in the restaurant and because we have a very large stroller and need lots of space when we eat...we headed back out to the main food court and chose a table near a man sitting by himself. I got Cooper in a seat, locked the stroller and walked about twenty feet away to get a high chair for Parker. I sanitized that thing as best I could, plus the table in front of him and Cooper and got Parker in his seat. I opened Cooper's milk and set up his lunch,  next I started tearing up Parker's quesadilla. I grabbed Parker's sippy cup and realized it was still three-quarters full of water. There wasn't really anywhere to dump it so I thought it would be ok to see how he did with the (squeezable) carton of milk. Everyone was settled and I was taking my first bite when... "Mommy, I have to go potty NOW."
Me- "Are you sure Cooper?"
Cooper- "Yes, right now mommy."
I turn and look at the man sitting behind us, who at this point was already chuckling to himself having overheard the conversation and having seen the production that went into setting up our lunch, "IF someone comes by and tries to clean off our table, would you please stop them?" He said he would and that he had forgotten how much work it is since his daughter was now twelve years old.
We loaded back into our stroller and zoomed to the bathroom where Cooper did his thing. We were back at our table in a flash, re sanitizing our table and hands as we thanked our table guard and continued eating.
About half way through the meal, I offered Parker a drink of his milk, he tried to insist that HE hold the milk and in the process squeezed a huge gush of milk all over his face, making him gasp in surprise as the cold, white, wetness covered his face and shirt. He opened his milky eyes and laughed at me as if he had planned it all along. I wiped him up and attempted to get most of what was on the floor, found his sippy cup, unscrewed the top and chugged the water.
We were finishing up when Cooper said he was still hungry and wanted another quesadilla, I told him I couldn't go get one without taking him and his brother with. He offered to guard the table and watch Parker while I went to get another one, I suggested we get one on our way to the car.

Prior to the milk incident and right before the potty break

We cleaned up our lunch, went back for another quesadilla and made it to our car all by noon. The pictures just don't do it justice- it was an awesome morning!


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