New Employer

I'd like to introduce to you my new CEO and CFO....


Parker Vranicar CEO (Chief Eating Officer) and Cooper Vranicar (Chief Fun Officer)

Although I have been a full-time "employee" of these two fine gentlmen for three and half years I will no longer be telecommuting from my salaried job. As of the end of this month (today) I am officially a full time stay at home mom! This decision has been a year in the making and it was finally time to just do it. There were a combination of things to lead to me being brave enough to take the plunge, but now I'm here and could not be more excited.
I've been mentally preparing  myself for the transition that needs to happen. Everyone has a new schedule to adjust to, a new budget, a new lifestyle essentially.
I've received so many different reactions to this change. From the uber great reactions like Kevin being fully on board and encouraging me to do what will make me happier, former co-workers excited for me and this opportunity (the most common phrases include- "Good for you!" and "This will be so good for your family.") To other reactions of some questioning how I could "give up" seven years, a salary, adult conversation :) 
I guess maybe because I grew up with both of my parents always home with us, it's just the way I want to live my life. I've already given up a huge chunk of these past three years of my little boys' lives. I know this isn't a reality or a desire for other moms/dads but its mine and always has been.
I am looking forward to SO many adventures with these two incredible boys- stay tuned, we'll take you along for the ride! If you want to come hang out, please let me know!


Andrea Worley said…
that's exciting. yay for you making your dream happen.

i also quit my "day job" this past January, after working almost three years. it's been an adjustment but so good to be home finally full time with my kids.

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