So we're having another baby...

A thing my husband and I (kind of) thought wasn't in the cards for us. But here we are, nearly the half way point in this pregnancy with our third child! With the boys' pregnancies I would often say how easy and wonderful being pregnant was. How I really didn't feel much different; no "real" morning sickness, heartburn was under control, I gained weight (nearly 50lbs each time) but that didn't bother me.

Oh how things have changed!

From right around week 5 I have felt like I am on the verge of throwing up. I have no appetite and then suddenly when I am a ravenous monster I eat something and it makes my stomach ache. The heartburn is out of control. I am MOODY (my poor husband) and I have already dug out the undergarments that I usually saved for the very end of the 40 weeks. Think Dolly Parton or at least for me and what I used to.

Now of course I am overjoyed that we have a healthy third baby on the way, but that doesn't change that I have been a mess for 3+ months. I remind myself that things are way different this time. Rather than sitting at an office desk all day, I am now chasing and wresting two BIG little boys, getting less sleep and the sleep I get is often interrupted by a cute little voice asking if he can get in bed at 3am.

My day starts at 4:45am as I head to workout for an hour. When I was pregnant with Cooper I didn't exercise at all and only started running after he was born. With our second, Parker, I ran until I was a few months pregnant and then ditched all exercise until he was born. While I had hoped this would scale back my weight gain this time, that is still to be determined. Kevin swears I enjoy the weight gain and see it as a post baby challenge at the end.

As we near the half way point, I can say that I am starting to feel this little (hopefully redheaded) baby bounce around some and that is a wonderful reminder that all of this "too shall pass" and that soon I will be up to my eyeballs in kids and will have forgotten about all of this.
Weeks 16 to 39 with Baby #1


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