Getting excited

Christmas has always been an exciting time for me. I think it is for many people. I enjoy all of the hustle and bustle of people in the malls, getting up the day after Thanksgiving with my aunt Peggy and shopping until our feet hurt. Baking cut out cookies with my sister Angelica and sister in law Delayne.

This time of year year can also be quite bitter sweet for many people, myself included. My mom made Christmas so special for our family.

I'm trying to keep traditions going and trying to make the holiday as special for everyone as I can. It's not the same but I think she is happy seeing that we are all together to celebrate.

I am thankful that I have a husband that understands how important it is that I spend Christmas day with my family. I do feel badly that we can't see both of our families that day- one day when we have children I hope everyone can be at our house. But for now we will be driving to my dad's Christmas Eve day and coming home Saturday for one of my most favorite parties of the year!

Our good friends Dave and Kelly host a beautiful dinner party each Christmas. Dave is a very talented chef and as a gift to us he serves us and a few other couples a five+ course feast! For the past five years that he has been hosting this there has never been a duplicated menu and we are always overwhelmed by the food- both in taste and in amount. We are hoping this year that Kevin's brother Brian and his (wonderful:) girlfriend Joni can also join us.

This weekend we will be VERY busy shopping to finish everyone's wish list. On top of that we are fortunate enough to have tickets to the Wild Hockey game and the Vikings game! We love attending sporting events so while the weekend will be full- we wouldn't want it any other way!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the snow stays under control and that we can get everything done.

Happy Friday!


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