Getting Things Done

Because Kevin and I were both sick the last few days we have gotten a little behind on our to-do list. Thankfully for me, Kevin is very organized and checked a huge to- do off this morning: booking our flight to VEGAS!! I am very excited to be going to Vegas again this January to cheer for our Miss MN Angie McDermott at the Miss America pageant and to enjoy a long weekend vacation with Kevin. Last year we had a such a fun time that we couldn't pass up going again. Plus there is just too much to do in just one trip.

The next thing that we need to get done is our Christmas letter. T-minus one week and it will be Christmas. I would prefer our "Christmas letter" be sent to before then. But again- not complaining because Kevin is writing 90% of it and I have confidence that it will get done and out the door.

Shopping! Ok, this one is pretty much done. The thing that worries me is that my dad and husband haven't started shopping yet. This means that I will probably be helping finish this for/with them. This comes as no surprise though- this happens every year. Again... not complaining simply stating that its not done. Neither one of them are the slightest bit worried so neither am I....
What else needs to get done? I think that's it.


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