Here we go

My husband will say that me starting a blog is the same as having a Facebook page-very narcissistic. :) I guess he is right. Why should I assume that people want to read what I am doing let alone see pictures of it. And I say I because my husband Kevin will not want me to mention him or post pictures of him.... he is a pretty private person. He jokes, kind of, that he wants me to black out his face on any pictures I post to Facebook that include him.

With that said, I can ensure you that Kevin will be mentioned and pictured in my blog. He is after all my husband- the person I spend more time with than anyone else. Well anyone besides my co-worker Lisa. We share a cube wall. She is the best wall sharer ever. We've requested that there be a window installed between us or at least a hinged wall so we can chat more easily- apparently that is looked down upon by some in the office.

Back to Kevin- maybe the best way to talk about him is in code. I should think of a name to use for him. Just like "Big Papa" on the Real Housewives of Atlanta" except I don't think that if I called Kevin one afternoon and asked for a new vehicle he'd say- yeah sure just write a check.

Speaking of Kevin- he is at home sick. Very sick. We woke up Saturday morning and I could tell just by looking at him that something wasn't right. We had tickets for the Gopher hockey game Sunday so I knew he wasn't feeling well when he gave those away to his brother Brian.

I should call and see if he is up yet. Poor guy.


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