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No- I'm not trying to be one of Hef's girls... I chose Girl Next Door as the blog name for the way Kevin and I met six years ago.
When I started my sophomore year at Concordia my good friends Kayla and Kari and I moved into a house near campus. When we looked out or back window, much to our dismay, what we saw was less than a great view. Picture broken down car, ratty couch and beer cans all over the deck... we vowed to use the front door whenever possible.
One day walking home from class I got a call from Kayla stating that she has been locked out of our house and was at the neighbors house and that I should come over too. So I did and well the rest is kind of history so to speak. There was Kevin in his living room with Kayla watching television. He was a big football player type guy and he caught my attention. That's where it all started.
From that day the girls and the guys started hanging out on a regular basis. They would come home late from a night out and stop by our place or we'd all crash at their house and watch a movie.
Finally after a month or so I decided that Kevin needed to know that he was going to marry me. :) Ok I didn't actually tell him that- what I did tell him though is that I was crazy about him. We have been together ever since.


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