Oh so sick

I can't remember that last time I had the stomach flu. I remember becoming extremely ill after having a bad reaction to pain killers given to me after having my wisdom teeth removed, but that was nothing compared to how sick I was this week.
Yes, Kevin was sick earlier this week. I should have tried harder to stay away from him I guess because Monday night I started to feel sick. By 11pm I was sick and stayed that way until 9pm last night. I have never been so sick. Ever. I think I'm pretty tough in the category of being ill. I try to push through it and get by. This one really got the best of me.
Once upon a time in one of my college courses the instructor talked about how we can't remember how physical pain feels. I know now exactly why that is. :)
Ok- I am being a little dramatic about all of this- after all it was just the stomach flu.
Word of caution- if someone you know has the flu... stay far, far way from them. It is very contagious!


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