Getting It Right

Today I can't seem to get it right. I feel incompetent, confused, inexperienced and therefore.... irritated about it. What I would like to do right now is pack up my bag and head home. However I realize that by doing that all of the things I can't seem to get right today will be waiting here for me once I return tomorrow.
On days like this I consciously try to just "get over it". Sigh
I simply don't feel inspired to be here. I sit here and think-- "oh to be able to not worry about how much money I make and just do what I want." As soon as that thought occurs I hear my mother's voice reminding me that I am not that kind of person; with poor me syndrome. Many, many people are working jobs much more stressful than mine and many more are wishing they had any job to go to.
It's just an off day. Work has been slow. I feel like I am being dumped on by those I work with and that I am expected to read minds or that I am speaking some foreign obscure language that no one else speaks.
This is affecting my home life, draining me and making me tired by day's end. I don't like it- I am best when I am busy and contributing to something.
I've got the whole day ahead of me.... I've only been at the office for three hours. Things will get better.


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