In Shock

Growing up my mom would wake us up very early in the morning, we'd run outside and see the Northern Lights dance across the sky. It is a memory that I will treasure forever.

It has been years now since I've seen them so on my way to work this morning I had to do a double take when out of the corner of my eye I caught the pink streaks across the sky. I was awe struck.

After such a beautiful morning I could not have imagined how quickly that feeling of happiness could be ripped away. My sister in law's brother Kurt committed suicide. I ache from the sadness I feel and more so for the sadness and pain Delayne and her family feel.

It's not as if he was just my sister in law's brother, he was part of our family. The pain that he must have felt to lead him do this is unimaginable. I have the same feeling of hope as when my mom died... that it wasn't real. That I could figure out someway to save them.

He turned 27 on Tuesday.
When life has its dark moments- its hard to see the bright and beautiful parts. Kurt was a guy so full of that bright light- so hard to imagine it's gone.


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