Pot Holes

In Minnesota we joke about all the pot holes on our roads and how if it's not winter it's construction... well on my way to work this morning I think I managed to run over every pot hole on 35W and 494. I actually thought maybe I would end up with a flat tire after a few of them. I pictured myself on the side of the road calling my dear husband, who would still be in the warm bed sleeping, to come and change my tire. I frankly am not strong enough to muscle the lug nuts off the tire to change it.

But here I am safe and anxious to get home to pack. :) We leave for Vegas this week- I am just so excited. We are going to see a show, eat fun foods, and just enjoy a long weekend together. For now, back to work. I have a full day before I can drift back to day dreaming about all the bright lights.


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