Be patient

Kevin has taught me many things- and in the process made me a kinder, more thoughtful person. Before we started dating I never realized how "rude" I was to wait staff at restaurants. Not intentionally, but when Kevin would be asked "How are you tonight?" He always responds " Great! How are you doing?" Seriously. At first I laughed, I mean come on. They are getting paid to wait on us. But now I do the same thing, with or without him.

I really do think I was a caring person before but since Kevin has been part of my life he has shown by example how to really be a kind person.

One thing that he has yet to help me with is patience. Not so much with people for example but with myself. I can't wait for anything! It's like being 5 years old and wanting to open my Christmas gifts in October. I just get so excited or anxious about things that I just want them to happen NOW. :)

Our engagement and wedding-- I met Kevin in September of 2002 and by November I knew I would marry him. Well we did not get engaged until December 2004 (while on stage at the Miss Twin Cities pageant... which reminds me I should try to upload that video).

So then we were engaged and I of course wanted to get married right away.. why not? Well we had a "longer" engagement and were married July 22, 2006 which really was perfect after all.

So now again here I am trying to be patient. For what? Well lots of stuff I suppose...I need to get over the idea of instant satisfaction.

I am working on my patience...and it's taking too long!


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