Cupcake and Roses are a girls best friend

Having a very normal morning at work today as I stare at my computer and Yahoo! chat with Mindi off and on I suddenly hear Kevin's voice coming up behind me! My heart stopped "What is he doing here?"

As I turn around I see his arms full with roses, card and a large box of some kind. I can feel my cheeks starting to burn. Not really out of embarrassment but more so out of shock! Now what is in that box....

Without seeing the label of where it came from I think, well it's the same size as a boot box, but he wouldn't bring me boots to work. Hmmmm

Then as he sets it down and pulls open the cardboard cover my eyes land on 24 gigantic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes delicately decorated with pink, red and white heart sprinkles. My gosh. If the beautiful vase of roses wasn't enough he had to play to my sweet tooth as well.

I know all of this sounds wonderful, because it is, but truthfully, he treats me like a princess everyday. Really. Oh what a morning!


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