When we are little if someone tells you a secret we almost always tell the first person we see. Somethings never change. Growing up I was notorious for spilling the beans to everyone. If something was going on at home you could bet that my teachers at school knew about it. I'm still this way, I'm not sure why- I guess I like including everyone in on what's going on. Kevin on the other hand would be perfectly happy not telling anyone anything ever. So I suppose there is a balance somewhere.

Some people are better at keeping secrets than others. For instance: yesterday I did an interview for a local magazine I freelance for. This woman owns a boutique that carries pageant gowns among other things. She mentioned that she was dressing one of our Miss Minnesota contestants this year. My immediate reaction was so ask "WHO?" She laughed and and said she had promised to keep it a secret. Will power. :)

Of course "important" secrets I can keep. I mean, if someone tells me something and asks that I not tell- I won't, especially if its not my news to tell.


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