There go the beans

After an extended hiatus from blogging, I'm back. I had to keep myself off the blog out of fear that I would spill the beans. (See my previous post about secret keeping.)

So here's the news.... we're having a baby! October 20, 2009 is the due date I've been given.

Here are Baby V's first pictures. So photogenic don't you think?
6 weeks
Heartbeat 140 beats per minute

8 weeks
Heartbeat 170 beats per minute

It's amazing to us how much changed in just two weeks. My doctor offered another first trimester ultrasound on the 27th so we will get to see the baby again!

So far I'm pretty tired, have food aversions to a couple things, sweets being one right now and I have no interest in ice cream. Saltines are helping me make it in the morning. But really- I don't have any complaints. Everything looks great and we really couldn't be happier about our little one.

I promise to update more frequently. :)


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