Ups and Downs

The Ups
Last Friday we had another ultrasound. :) This time from the moment the baby new it was "on camera" it wouldn't stop moving! The little arms and legs were busy kicking and waving at us- already such a show off. Thankfully once again everything looks great, I will see the doctor next week and I'm thinking won't have another ultrasound until 20 weeks. By that time much will have changed.

The downs

Flowers sent to my office from my dear friend Mindi. Made my day!

Today marks three years since my mom died. It is really hard to believe it's been that long, I can remember when it was one hour, two hours, one day, one week.

More ups
This weekend all 18 of our Miss Minnesota contestants came together for contestant orientation weekend. We truly have a remarkably tough competition this year. It was fun to see everyone together and to try to guess who will be in the top 10...good luck. I'm still guessing! I will try to post a group picture later today.

Sunday was our God Daughter Genavieve's baptism. She did so well- no fussing at all with her little wet head! It was a beautiful day for the baptism and to be together with everyone. Gena's aunt and uncle Rachel and Duffy were visiting from Chicago for the big day and brought their new little boy Jack. They were so thoughtful and brought Kevin and I items for the baby which included an adorable stuffed monkey! Gena has already broken him in for the new baby. :)

Kevin and I then headed home and managed to both fall asleep on the couch! Between me having a migraine all day Saturday and Kevin having been sick last week I guess we were playing catch up because we were then both able to fall asleep last night.


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